Who makes the best pizza in Tallahassee?

Who makes the best pizza in Tallahassee? There are a lot of fine pizza establishments in Tallahassee. Some of them claim that they’re “the best pizza restaurant in Tallahassee.” At Pizza Mouth we do not make any such claim – we very well may not make the “best pizza” in Tallahassee. We are fine with that. That may sound odd – so let us explain.

Perhaps there is an irrational obsession with being the “best” or being better than everyone else. When it comes down to it – from a practical standpoint, who really cares about “the best”? Do you drive “the best” car in your neighborhood? Do you live in “the best” house in your city? For most of us, the answer is necessarily “no” since only one person can be “the best” at any moment in time.

Our focus is not on being the best pizzeria in Tallahassee. Rather, our goal is simply to make and deliver pizza that is so delicious that our customers will gladly come back for more. Customers are not eating our delicious pizza to figure out if it is “the best pizza in Tallahassee.” They’re eating our pizza because it tastes damned good. We are focused on customer satisfaction, not being better than other pizzerias.

Take our Stoner 420 specialty pizza, for example. It’s topped with pepperoni, French fries, bacon, mozzarella cheese sticks, and extra cheese. We did not design this pie based on what other pizzerias were doing. We designed this pizza because we knew that customers would love the scrumptious taste of French fries, bacon, mozzarella cheese sticks and pepperoni with our homemade marinara. Not a single customer has taken a bite and said “second best!” They almost uniformly say, “delicious!”

We can live with that.

Is it the best pizza in Tallahassee? Who knows/cares? All we know and care about is our customers love it.

Yes, some customers think Pizza Mouth has the best pizza in Tallahassee. But we will leave those types of claims up to our customers.

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